Have some useful links!

I have Web sites to migrate today and all the open tabs on my browser are distracting me so here are links to everything I thought was interesting, and useful, enough to keep open for the past week!


Write or Die – Well, you don’t really die but if you don’t reach your goal there are some real consequences! Nothing like adrenaline to motivate your muse!

The Persuasive Power of Small Words – I haven’t had a chance to read this year so I’m putting it here so I remember to read it later!


The Busy Trap – This is something I try to be mindful of but it’s so easy to fall back on being busy as an excuse…

Quitting the Paint Factory – Found this in the comments of The Busy Trap.


Charlie Kaufman’s Anomalisa – An interesting stop-motion animation kickstarter project.

Batman Chucks – I’m sort of in lust with these shoes. The Bat-logo folds down! I can only imagine the confidence you’d get wearing these shoes. Meeting with a difficult client? Bat-chucks got your back!

Web Development

Try GIT – If you’re brand-new to GIT then Try Git! It’s a great little utility that lets you practice basic GIT commands without having to install anything on your computer. Once you’ve been through this free course and have a good grasp of the basics you can move on to…

GIT Immersion – One of the best sites I’ve come across, yet, for learning the ins and outs of GIT.

Skillcrush.com introduces its readers to Node.js – I’m a senior Web developer and I still enjoy getting a daily email from Skill Crush explaining different aspects of my industry. The best thing about the Web industry is it’s constantly evolving. Skill Crush gives you a quick overview of a topic straight to your inbox and if you’re a novice or quite experienced there’s going to be something new to read about!

Making it Snow Without Javascript – I’m going to say it… I squeed when this page loaded. It’s SO MUCH FUN! Augh! It was probably five minutes before I started reading what was on the page I had so much fun navigating through her slides.

No Excuse List – The No Excuse List is a collection of links to free learning resources on the Web. The volume of free learning available is staggering! Learn to better yourself!

Have some useful links!