Developer Tools For Custom WordPress Development

What do I do at my day job? I make custom WordPress themes and plugins. Four years ago I was still using Dreamweaver as my primary developer tool but, these days, I’ve updated the tools in my toolkit. (Just as a warning, I’m on a MAC these days so not everything listed here is PC-friendly.) Continue reading “Developer Tools For Custom WordPress Development”

Developer Tools For Custom WordPress Development

Ladies Learning Code – Edmonton

This Saturday I’ll be mentoring at a Ladies Learning Code event.

The attendees will be learning HTML/CSS and the event has sold out! Sorry if you were wanting to attend and missed out, but I understand there will be future events.

Check out the other cool people presenting/mentoring the event!

Woof! This blog sure is dusty. I blame the two-part project I’ve been involved in since last September that doesn’t wrap up until the end of this September. I’m far more active on my twitter account, @tammalee, and my tumblr,

If you’re looking for fun web tech stuff to play with check out knockout.js! What a fun framework to use, especially for building forms!

Ladies Learning Code – Edmonton

I am a PC Traitor

The other day I tweeted about ordering an iMac for work.

There are many practical reasons why I decided to replace my dying PC at work with an iMac:

  1. As I attend more and more developer conferences and camps I find I’m the odd one out because I develop on a PC. All those developers can’t be wrong, right? This isn’t the same as everyone jumping off of a bridge, right?
  2. Macs are built on UNIX. Web servers are, too. Seems like a no-brainer to me!
  3. I’m starting Ruby on Rails development and, apparently, Macs are superior to PCs for that.
  4. I haven’t used a Mac since the nineties and it’s about time I climb back up on that pony.

This morning a friend IM’d me to share her opinion of my switching teams:

Even the most dedicated PC enthusiast has to admit that Apple products can be nice. I’m not going to regret switching from PC to a Mac.

I am a PC Traitor

Useful Web links

Link round up

The number of open tabs on my browser is ridiculously high so it’s time for another link-blog post!

Web development

PHP Storm
Help Your Website Sell More: 11 Overlooked Page Elements That Drive Online Sales Related to Element #8 (Page Loading Speed) in the previous link, Dial-up Internet still a reality for many Canadians. Developers, don’t completely discount dial-up access users. – Development right on the cloud. I want to learn mooooaaar! – Learn stuff daily! It’s not exactly high-level stuff but, like one of those daily calendars, it’s nice to get little refreshers on a daily basis. – Live web-based cross browser testing – A collection of the best time-saving apps, tools, and widgets from around the web.
CSS Selectors – a very nice way to illustrate what CSS selectors are and how they work.


A Simple Step by Step Guide to SEO
How to protect your Google Analtyics from hacking


The 12 Essential #WordPress Plugins That EVERY #BLOGGER NEEDS – There’s a few on there I haven’t tried yet! Exciting! – better WordPress code reference


5 must-have tools to help you run your small business – I have nothing but good feels for MailChimp. If it is in good company on this list, I need to check out the other recommendations.
Have you heard about the world’s longest invoice? If you haven’t, it’s a Web site where freelancers can add their unpaid invoices to a running sum of how much money freelancers have been bilked out of. As of my writing this post, they’re up to over $15 MILLION dollars in unpaid invoices! is a way to combat the deadbeat client. They run a ‘pay and download’ service where you: 1. create an invoice 2. upload your work 3. send a pay and download link to your client and when they pay they can download deliverables. Payments are negotiated via PayPal.

Social Media

CuratorsCode.orga suggested system for honoring the creative and intellectual labor of information discovery by making attribution consistent and codified, celebrating authors and creators, and also respecting those who discover and amplify their work.


Writer’s Cramp: In the E-Reader Era, a Book a Year Is Slacking – I’m doomed. DOOOMED! Then again, I wouldn’t mind writing short stories to supplement the novels I write. Will write. Am writing. *cough*

Which brings me to, 25 Reasons you should quit writing. Chuck Wendig never fails to amuse.

Self Improvement

The best place on the web to learn anything, free.
Thirty minutes a day – using spaced presentation to retain knowledge.


DC’s new gay character will be ‘major,’ ‘iconic’ — and apparently male – Does there need to be huge publicity about this? Maybe I’m silly but I, naturally, assumed the sexuality of superheros naturally reflects that of the general population and there’s just as many queer heros and villains as there are non-heroes and non-villains. Although, I could see wearing tights and fighting with and against super muscley dudes and tough ladies as attracting a certain segment of the queer and powered population to super-heroing/villaining.


Estelle featuring Janelle Monae – Do my thing My favourite song of the month!

Useful Web links