Cabin in the Woods

Easter 2012 - Cabin exterior
The exterior of the cabin seems safe enough.
Easter 2012 - View from the cabin
Looks pretty safe from the front porch of the cabin. No serial killers in sight!
Easter 2012 - Cabin living room
Oh look! Someone arrived before us! Well, as long as it's not... a serial killer!
Easter 2012 - Cabin kitchen
Maybe... no, the kitchen is clear, too. Phew! I think we might be safe but I have to check ALL the rooms out...
Easter 2012 - Cabin bedroom 1
This room is a bit scary-looking but there were no serial killers hiding in it. Not even under the bunk bed!
Easter 2012 - Cabin bedroom 2
This was my room. The windows were key for a quick exit should a serial killer burst into our cabin.
Easter 2012 - Tammy matches
Aw yeah, that's how I roll. My jacket matches my laptop. The laptop I may have smuggled to the cabin with me because I knew there'd be wi-fi and I knew I couldn't go without a computer for three days!

Things I learned while staying in a cabin just outside of Canmore, AB.

To live in Camore you must:

  1. Own a dog or have access to a dog so you can do outdoor activities with it OR walk it down main street or have it sleep at your feet while you drink a latte at an outdoor cafe on  main street.
  2. Wear at least one article of clothing from North Face or Patagonia. M.E.C. is passable.

What I’m saying here is, there are a lot of cute dogs in Canmore. Woof!

I felt pretty out of place, let me tell yah. Fat programmers who don’t, usually, go outside in the winter don’t fit into a town where the word ‘Nordic’ is used in official town signage.

Which is partly why I checked out Sports Experts. I needed¬†camouflage! Also, there was a big 50% off sign. *cough* I bought a very fuzzy jacket, fuzzy gloves, and long underpants. It must have worked because, while we were on one of our walks, we were approached and asked for directions! My glee! It was enormous! We explained we weren’t the right people to ask and she said, wait for it, “Oh! I’m sorry. You looked like to belonged here!” BOOYAH! It took a 50% off North Face jacket and I was in!

I also learned the joy of baked brie! Delicious! I bought pop from Grizzly Paw and foccaccia from Bella Crusta and walked a lot in the fresh air. Weekend conquered!

Cabin in the Woods