Podfic – Ghost of a Smile

On Halloween 2011 a ghost story I had written was included in the ‘Re-Vamp’ anthology published by The Mad Docs of Literature.  In honor of our one-year anniversary I decided to record myself reading my ghost story, ‘Ghost of a Smile’. This is my first time releasing a podfic so feedback is welcome!

It is free to listen to and share around and if you like it enough to purchase a physical copy of ‘Re-Vamp’ we have arranged a discount!

Buy Re-Vamp on Lulu for 25% off the regular price!

For those curious what equipment and applications I used in the making of this podfic:

I recorded two takes with @bingofuel in the Unknown Studios‘ recording space. They offer their space, equipment, and expertise for rent and I would rent from them again. Adam had great advice for me on how to speak so my files would be easy to edit later in the process.

I edited this podfic on my iPad using the Hokusai app. I was frustrated when I started using Hokusai but when I switched from my big fingers to a Targus stylus the editing became much easier. I found the controls to be intuitive and easy to get the hang of. It took me maybe an hour and a half to edit nearly 13 minutes worth of audio, cutting and pasting sections from two recordings into a third, master, timeline. When I was finished editing, I exported my work as a .wav file to my dropbox and uploaded to soundcloud.com.

If I can do it, so can you! XD

Podfic – Ghost of a Smile

Re-Vamp review contests!

If you have an interest in reviewing the Re-Vamp anthology of horror stories you may want to check out the following contests!

Die Booth has set up a competition on her blog:

The winner gets to name a minor character in my forthcoming novel, ‘Embedded’ and gets a thankyou for it on the acknowledgements page.

Deirdre M Murphy is running a review competition to win some sci fi books. You can read more about it at her journal here: http://wyld-dandelyon.livejournal.com/190392.html

If during the month of December you review any of the three anthologies that my stories appeared in this year (Family Ties & Torn Skies, Re-Vamp, and Subversion) on your Amazon, Goodreads, a similar venue and/or on your blog, and leave a link here, I’ll enter you into a drawing for however many SF&F books from my library I can mail to you for $10 US

And speaking of reviews:

The wonderful Susan Price has reviewed Re-Vamp on her blog here:

Re-Vamp is available at: 
+Amazon paperback (US edition)
+Lulu paperback (worldwide edition)
+Amazon Kindle
+Smashwords (ebook, multiformat)

Re-Vamp review contests!

Obama’s Tumblr, Web Design, and a Book!

The 2012 Barack Obama campaign has its own tumblr! I really like and respect how his campaign peeps know enough to use social media to garner support for their campaign. I’m looking forward to them re-blogging Adventure Time fan art and gifs from AnimalsBeingDicks.com

The Sassy Way has a good article up about Responsive Web Design.

If you do any sort of Word Press development I can’t recommend this book enough. I bought the paper version as well as the .pdf version and I am well and truly pleased with both. This book is well-organized, easy to follow, and I learn something new every time I browse through it. The dead-tree version is also weighty enough to fell a man with a good swing. Useful for Word Press development AND in case of a home invasion!

Now, if only I could find the time/motivation to finish my site’s theme…

I have two short stories coming out in the Re-Vamp anthology, which I’ve plugged here. I have a few dead-tree copies coming my way which I’ll likely give away on this blog and through my various social media channels.

Obama’s Tumblr, Web Design, and a Book!

ReVamp coming soon!

I have two short stories coming out in the Re-Vamp anthology October 31st, 2011!

Join us for the official online book launch on Facebook!

Re-Vamp banner

Are you afraid that the monsters of old have become nothing more than a bedtime story? Do you long for a time when werewolves had bite and ghosts were truly haunting?

Re-Vamp is a brand new, beautifully illustrated collection of the best stories horror has to offer featuring an introduction by award-winning author Susan Price.

Whether rediscovering or re-imagining traditional themes, these twenty-seven twisted tales are guaranteed to terrify and entertain.

Re-Vamp – rising from the grave Halloween 2011!


Order the Re-Vamp anthology in print or e-book and read excerpts from the book, free horror stories, art, links and more…

ReVamp coming soon!