iPad cost breakdown

Yes, I’m a huge nerd and I prefer not to make a big purchase until I’ve sussed out how much it’s going to cost for EVERYTHING involved.

iPad Wi-Fi
Item Price Link
 iPad 16GB  $519 CAD  apple.com
 iPad 32GB  $619 CAD  apple.com
 iPad 64GB  $719 CAD  apple.com
 Data plan  $0  wi-fi or
iPhone hotspot
iPad Wi-Fi + 4G
Item Price Link
 iPad 16GB  $649 CDN  apple.com
 iPad 32GB  $749 CDN  apple.com
 iPad 64GB  $849 CDN  apple.com
 Data plan 100MB to 500MB is $20/month  telusmobility.com
iPad Accessories
Item Price Link
 Case  $69.99 CAD  targus.com
 Stylus  $24.99 CAD  targus.com
 Stylus brush  $39.00 USD  nomadbrush.com
iPad Apps
Item Price Link
 AIM  Free iTunes
iPeriod  $1.99 USD iTunes
Fitocracy  Free iTunes
Calorie Counter  Free iTunes
Angry Birds Space  $0.99 USD iTunes
Tweetbot  $2.99 iTunes
Google Apps for iPad Free Google
Textastic  $9.99 USD iTunes
Draw Something  $1.99 USD iTunes
Sound drop  $1.99 USD iTunes
Art Rage  $4.99 USD iTunes
Kindle for iPad  Free iTunes
Keynote  $9.99 USD iTunes
Paper  Free iTunes

iPad: 32GB $619 CAD before tax
Okay, now that the dollars and cents are right in front of me I can see right off the bat I won’t be going for the Wi-Fi + 4G. I am usually within reach of a Wi-Fi network and if I really need to access the Internet etc. when I’m away from a Wi-Fi network I’ll be able to use my iPhone as a hotspot. (Of course, I currently use an Android but when it’s time to swap my phone I’m heavily leaning towards an iPhone.)

I store most of my files on Dropbox.com anyways so I’m not too worried about having enough space on the iPad for files.

Accessories: $133.82
Okay, so maybe I don’t need a super fancy case and TWO different types of stylus but I’m planning on making this little iPad a real laptop alternative, especially for art, so I’d like them. If the price is too much, I could always downgrade or put off accessory purchases until I have more money.

Apps: $~35
Wow. Okay, so when I was researching apps I thought I was spending a small fortune but when it comes down to it, the apps are costing me less than $40!  Apps being that cheap means I don’t feel the need, at all, to skimp in this area.

Total: $787.82*
That’s about half of what I paid for my laptop and around the same price as what I paid for my net-book.  Down the line I may want to add a wireless keyboard for $~70 but I’d like to try it without, first.

So, am I going to go for an iPad? Eventually, yes, but my miser-heart will be happier if I can raise at least half of that money through selling stuff I no longer need/want, first.

Hope this breakdown is useful for somebody else! If you have anything to add, leave a comment! I’m curious how other people use their iPads and how useful they’ve proven to be for them! (Or, yanno, hit me up on twitter @tammalee )

*iPad with 4G $917.82 + $240 for one year of Data plan

iPad cost breakdown