Captain America Print

Last night I attended a collograph printmaking class at the Alberta Art Gallery. (Why did I think it was a ‘colloidal’ printmaking class?)

We were given a piece of corrugated cardboard to use as a base then we were turned loose on a variety of craft supplies to make our template. Not feeling like I was in a ‘fine art’ mood I decided to make a Captain America print.

Captain America Print Template
My beautiful template

SCOFF ALL YOU LIKE! This was a shining beacon of inspiration! Do you see how I used a piece of zipper to make his mouth? Because it has teeth? Riiiiight?

I only had time to make one print and, unfortunately, one print wasn’t enough to develop any real skill with applying ink. BUT I STILL LOVE MY MONSTROUS CREATION!

Captain America Print

Yes, I know the ink is red. The red reflects my impatience and how I didn’t want to wait in line for blue. According to the amateur art critics I ran into on the LRT red was ENTIRELY wrong for a Captain America print.

  • First guy: Why is it red?
  • Me: It was the only colour available.
  • First guy: It shouldn’t be red. It should be… green. Like my bicycle. *points*
  • Me: Ah, yes, that would have been nice, too.
  • Second guy: Green?! It should’ve been BLUE!
  • Me: *quietly withdraws from the conversation before it gets fanboy-nasty*

It seems to me Captain America’s colours are: red, white, AND blue so the red is still appropriate. Does red still work for Captain StickUpHisBum or does it make him look like he took a bath in the blood of his enemies?

What do you think?
Let me know in the comments below or catch me on twitter @tammalee

PS: This is a note I wrote myself. It was supposed to remind me to loan a game to a coworker. It worked.

Zelda Reminder
This is the future of note-taking!
Captain America Print