Books! Glorious books.

Supper last night was sweet and spicy meatloaf with alterations. If you don’t own this cook book yet, what are you waiting for? The recipes are healthy and delicious! So far I’ve made a shepherd’s pie and a sweet and spicy meatloaf; alterations follow:

Recipe Alterations
What the recipe called for What I did instead
natural bran oatmeal (not instant, especially
not flavoured instant)
1/3 cup chopped, dried cranberries 1/3 cups chopped, raisins, dates,
and cranberries I picked out
of a bag of trailmix (who knew
meatloaf would be so laborious?)
2 tsp cayenne powder 1 tsp smoked paprika
1 tsp chili powder
(on account they are both red
powders like cayenne)
 blue cheese  cheddar cheese (we ain’t fancy)

The  meatloaf turned out wonderfully moist, possibly because it had been a bit underdone but I sliced it up and fried a few slices to finish cooking it through and it was fine! Plus, we had delicious fried cheddar bits to nom.

I’m reading Let’s Pretend This Never Happened. Again. This is my second read-through so I’m using my judgey, critical eye. I’m only a quarter of the way through but already I’ve formed a very strong opinion about Jenny Lawson; her childhood could have been my childhood if my parents hadn’t decided to move to the big city when it was time for me to start school. Also, we should be friends. Also, if it wasn’t for her childhood being in rural Texas and my early childhood being in a mountain on the Alberta/B.C. border, her dad could have easily been one of the guys who’d stop by our house wanting to show off whatever dead/pissed off animal they had in the back of their truck. Hm, actually my childhood wouldn’t have been her childhood because my dad, crazy in his own way, wasn’t a taxidermist.

Let’s Pretend This Never Happened is a funny book you feel sort of horrified at yourself for laughing at because it’s 90% true (as stated in the foreword).

Books! Glorious books.