Podfic – Ghost of a Smile

On Halloween 2011 a ghost story I had written was included in the ‘Re-Vamp’ anthology published by The Mad Docs of Literature.  In honor of our one-year anniversary I decided to record myself reading my ghost story, ‘Ghost of a Smile’. This is my first time releasing a podfic so feedback is welcome!

It is free to listen to and share around and if you like it enough to purchase a physical copy of ‘Re-Vamp’ we have arranged a discount!

Buy Re-Vamp on Lulu for 25% off the regular price!

For those curious what equipment and applications I used in the making of this podfic:

I recorded two takes with @bingofuel in the Unknown Studios‘ recording space. They offer their space, equipment, and expertise for rent and I would rent from them again. Adam had great advice for me on how to speak so my files would be easy to edit later in the process.

I edited this podfic on my iPad using the Hokusai app. I was frustrated when I started using Hokusai but when I switched from my big fingers to a Targus stylus the editing became much easier. I found the controls to be intuitive and easy to get the hang of. It took me maybe an hour and a half to edit nearly 13 minutes worth of audio, cutting and pasting sections from two recordings into a third, master, timeline. When I was finished editing, I exported my work as a .wav file to my dropbox and uploaded to soundcloud.com.

If I can do it, so can you! XD

Podfic – Ghost of a Smile

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