New Curtains


If you squint and tilt your head a bit they almost look like real curtains!

Last year I had been gung ho on getting my dad’s old leather jacket
fixed up so I could wear it. I had been told if I bought my own lining
for the jacket I could get whatever color I wanted. I purchased a
ridiculous amount of dark teal lining and proudly brought it to the
seamstress. She told me I had the wrong stuff and even tho I said I
didn’t care if the lining wouldn’t last and I didn’t care it would
cost me more money in the long run she still refused to use the lining
material I had picked; she also thought I was quite strange for
picking TEAL to line a black leather jacket.

As the lining cost me $50 I decided I couldn’t waste it. I carefully
measured, cut, and pinned the fabric into two curtain panels then
promptly felt I’d done enough and left the unfinished panels in a pile
for the next few months.

Last night I finally decided to finish the job.

It took me half an hour to figure out how to fill a bobbin with thread
then another 45 minutes to figure out how to thread my machine.

Hush, I lost the manual.

It took another twenty minutes to figure out why the heck my stitches
were wonky but Google was very helpful and I found out how to adjust
tension. Finally, after three hours of fiddling and raging and sewing
I managed to sew four, straight lines and my curtains were finished!

…only after I’d finished did I notice the edges are raw. *FACEPALM*

BUT THAT DOESN’T MATTER because these curtains are temporary until I
buy a real set of curtains. It only took me nine years to hang
curtains in my studio, I’m sure in another five years I will have
picked out a proper set.

New Curtains