It’s so beautiful here

These pictures don't do the landscape justice. It's so beautiful here it takes a few days to learn how to filter the lush green enough that you can pick out the details.

Half the trees and shrubs I can see sport flowers and those that don't are so darn interesting I have to stop to investigate.

The birds that live in this tropical paradise are colourful, quick, and musical. Even the insects and lizards are musical, too!

Because of jet lag I wake up between 3 and 5 on the morning so I have been awake to really enjoy the pre-dawn rise in volume. Cicadas, geckos, birds, gibbons (well, it's probably just a bird that likes to hoot), and domestic animals scrapping call out at the same time and create a din that wakes the sun.

As long as all that noise stays outside I'm fine; it's the gecko barking in my ear at night that makes me want to keep a light on while I sleep.

I haven't seen a cobra or a land crab with my own eyes, yet, but if they make a noise I've probably heard them.

The photos provided are my view from my bungalow porch. Even overgrown, vacant lots are beautiful because of the plants and animals inhabiting them.

Or, as my dad pointed out, if we had bird-of-paradise growing everywhere, too, then we'd start to see it as a weed.

Well, sure, but it would be a beautiful weed. That's my point, really. It's so beautiful here even the weeds are pretty.

It’s so beautiful here