I think my Wii Fit is disappointed in me

Wii Fit - 1316 days since I saw you lastLadies and gentlemen, I would like to share with you, my shame. (And, frankly, what appears to be a condescending attitude from my Wii!)

I’ve been bored with  my regular workout so I thought I’d charge up the old batteries and give my Wii Fit another go.

It’s been 1316 days since I last used my Wii; that’s about 3 1/2 years. What HAS happened to me in the last 3 1/2 years that my Wii Fit hasn’t been a part of is a lifestyle change that resulted in me losing nearly 50lbs (and gaining back twenty… oh cupcakes, you sinful little mouthfuls…) and learning how to move my body without an electronic hand to guide me.

I went through the Wii Fit body testing and I remembered why I stopped using Wii Fit: it uses BMI to calculate how ‘fit’ you are.

BMI IS FLAWED! At best, it is a rough indicator of how ‘fit’ you may be. It’s incredibly frustrating to see a pudgy little mii on the screen when in real life I look good and I could see how it might be triggering for anyone who has a history of disordered eating. (There’s nothing disordered about the way I eat cupcakes!)

I’ll give it another go but I think I’ve moved on from the Wii Fit and Fitocracy.com is now more my speed. This past weekend I completed a series of Fitocracy quests centered around barbell squats and, whoo boy, I’ve definitely out-grown the Wii Fit!

The Wii Fit is great to start you off getting fit but there will come a time where you outgrow the exercises on it, invest in some equipment or a gym membership, and step your game up.

So, yes, Wii Fit feels that 1316 days since my last visit has been too long but I think it hasn’t been long enough. Good-bye, Wii Fit, and if you know anybody interested in buying a used game and step-thinger, drop me a line because I’ll be selling mine.

I think my Wii Fit is disappointed in me