Do dreams count as overtime?

I’m currently working on a web-based application that will be used to schedule and track cattle shipments. I’m trying to speed up delivery of this application by using the Yii PHP Framework but it’s only my second time developing in an MVC architecture so the learning curve is rather steep.

Last Friday I ran into a wall when developing a single form that saves data for two models. Pretty straightforward, right? I had thought so but there was SOMETHING preventing the second model’s data from saving. Recently I’d heard some good advice from @curtismchale about walking away when I get frustrated, so I did just that.

Then I went home.

All weekend that stupid code bounced around in my brain and last night I found myself dreaming about it. AUGH! There was no escape! I woke up feeling annoyed at myself for dreaming about work on what was supposed to be down time.

At work, I sat down at my desk and looked at the code I’d been working on, remembered my dream, and changed one line of code.

Bam! Everything works exactly as it should! *facepalm*

Does anyone else out there dream about code and find solutions while they sleep?

In other news: I have three new sketches up on my tumblr.

It’s my birthday this Friday, what sort of present should I ask for? I’m stumped!

Do dreams count as overtime?