Coconut Custards Cookies?


We've been going to the weekend market for our supper the past couple of days and I am in love with this one dessert.

Frustratingly I have no idea what the are called but they appear to have coconut milk, corn, and chopped coconut as ingredients.

The batter (milk) is poured into a huge cooker designed to cook quail eggs (or octopus balls in Japan?) The cooked half-balls are removed and cut away from each other with scissors then one half of the half-balls are flipped over onto the other half of the half-balls making full balls!

Eaten hot, they are crispy on the outside and creamy custard on the inside. I can never finish a full order (there's so much good food to eat at weekend market) but they're just as good refrigerated; or as the locals say, "Same-same, only different."

It's 20 baht for a small order and 30 baht for a large. Tonight is the last night of weekend market and my last chance to eat these so I may spring for large order… or two.

Coconut Custards Cookies?