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It’s been a while since I’ve done any link blogging so here you go: a bunch of useful links that I’ve had open in tabs for the past couple of weeks! (Yes, I know, I’m a horrible person for keeping so many tabs open. And yes, I do have One Tab installed but old habits die hard…) – Wes Bos is a quality instructor and I really enjoy learning from him. Command Line Power User is a free course and I highly recommend it for any developer using a Mac who might want to boost their CLI skills. It’s also very useful for developers who are transitioning from a PC to a MAC like I did.

I’m always on the lookout for new JS and CSS libraries to leverage in my work and this list, unlike many others, actually has a lot of gems! As always with these sort of round-ups you have to take the recommendations with a grain of salt.

Smashing Magazine has a great article about HTTP/2 and how you can get ready for it.

Little Snitch is a network monitor that helps to protect your privacy if you’re on a MAC. I haven’t tried it out yet (I’m gearing up to wipe my laptop and improve my setup) but it came highly recommended.

“Little Snitch not only reveals any outgoing network connection attempt to make sure that sensitive data doesn’t leave your computer without your consent. The inbound firewall in Little Snitch provides you with the same level of control for incoming connections.”

Melissa posted about how to use Zapier to help with automating your WordPress site. I don’t have a lot of zaps set up (I still use IFTTT more than Zapier) so I’m very interested to see what other people have done.

Did you find your command line tools were broken after updating to El Capitan? (Me! This happened to me!) This fix should help set you right.

I recently devoured the archive of this comic then backed their Kickstarter campaign! Wilde Life is about a normal guy who’s running away from his life and finds himself living in a most curious little town. I don’t want to spoil too much but I have to say I really enjoy how the author has used the supernatural in this comic.

CLI, JS & CSS Libraries, Little Snitch, Zaps, Wilde Life

Have some useful links!

I have Web sites to migrate today and all the open tabs on my browser are distracting me so here are links to everything I thought was interesting, and useful, enough to keep open for the past week!


Write or Die – Well, you don’t really die but if you don’t reach your goal there are some real consequences! Nothing like adrenaline to motivate your muse!

The Persuasive Power of Small Words – I haven’t had a chance to read this year so I’m putting it here so I remember to read it later!


The Busy Trap – This is something I try to be mindful of but it’s so easy to fall back on being busy as an excuse…

Quitting the Paint Factory – Found this in the comments of The Busy Trap.


Charlie Kaufman’s Anomalisa – An interesting stop-motion animation kickstarter project.

Batman Chucks – I’m sort of in lust with these shoes. The Bat-logo folds down! I can only imagine the confidence you’d get wearing these shoes. Meeting with a difficult client? Bat-chucks got your back!

Web Development

Try GIT – If you’re brand-new to GIT then Try Git! It’s a great little utility that lets you practice basic GIT commands without having to install anything on your computer. Once you’ve been through this free course and have a good grasp of the basics you can move on to…

GIT Immersion – One of the best sites I’ve come across, yet, for learning the ins and outs of GIT. introduces its readers to Node.js – I’m a senior Web developer and I still enjoy getting a daily email from Skill Crush explaining different aspects of my industry. The best thing about the Web industry is it’s constantly evolving. Skill Crush gives you a quick overview of a topic straight to your inbox and if you’re a novice or quite experienced there’s going to be something new to read about!

Making it Snow Without Javascript – I’m going to say it… I squeed when this page loaded. It’s SO MUCH FUN! Augh! It was probably five minutes before I started reading what was on the page I had so much fun navigating through her slides.

No Excuse List – The No Excuse List is a collection of links to free learning resources on the Web. The volume of free learning available is staggering! Learn to better yourself!

Have some useful links!

Useful Web links

Link round up

The number of open tabs on my browser is ridiculously high so it’s time for another link-blog post!

Web development

PHP Storm
Help Your Website Sell More: 11 Overlooked Page Elements That Drive Online Sales Related to Element #8 (Page Loading Speed) in the previous link, Dial-up Internet still a reality for many Canadians. Developers, don’t completely discount dial-up access users. – Development right on the cloud. I want to learn mooooaaar! – Learn stuff daily! It’s not exactly high-level stuff but, like one of those daily calendars, it’s nice to get little refreshers on a daily basis. – Live web-based cross browser testing – A collection of the best time-saving apps, tools, and widgets from around the web.
CSS Selectors – a very nice way to illustrate what CSS selectors are and how they work.


A Simple Step by Step Guide to SEO
How to protect your Google Analtyics from hacking


The 12 Essential #WordPress Plugins That EVERY #BLOGGER NEEDS – There’s a few on there I haven’t tried yet! Exciting! – better WordPress code reference


5 must-have tools to help you run your small business – I have nothing but good feels for MailChimp. If it is in good company on this list, I need to check out the other recommendations.
Have you heard about the world’s longest invoice? If you haven’t, it’s a Web site where freelancers can add their unpaid invoices to a running sum of how much money freelancers have been bilked out of. As of my writing this post, they’re up to over $15 MILLION dollars in unpaid invoices! is a way to combat the deadbeat client. They run a ‘pay and download’ service where you: 1. create an invoice 2. upload your work 3. send a pay and download link to your client and when they pay they can download deliverables. Payments are negotiated via PayPal.

Social Media

CuratorsCode.orga suggested system for honoring the creative and intellectual labor of information discovery by making attribution consistent and codified, celebrating authors and creators, and also respecting those who discover and amplify their work.


Writer’s Cramp: In the E-Reader Era, a Book a Year Is Slacking – I’m doomed. DOOOMED! Then again, I wouldn’t mind writing short stories to supplement the novels I write. Will write. Am writing. *cough*

Which brings me to, 25 Reasons you should quit writing. Chuck Wendig never fails to amuse.

Self Improvement

The best place on the web to learn anything, free.
Thirty minutes a day – using spaced presentation to retain knowledge.


DC’s new gay character will be ‘major,’ ‘iconic’ — and apparently male – Does there need to be huge publicity about this? Maybe I’m silly but I, naturally, assumed the sexuality of superheros naturally reflects that of the general population and there’s just as many queer heros and villains as there are non-heroes and non-villains. Although, I could see wearing tights and fighting with and against super muscley dudes and tough ladies as attracting a certain segment of the queer and powered population to super-heroing/villaining.


Estelle featuring Janelle Monae – Do my thing My favourite song of the month!

Useful Web links