Aztec dictation

[Dictation started]

This post is created using dictation.

WordPress has updated they’re their mobile editor to a new version called Aztec. This version really utilizes voice dictation!

[Here is where I started typing.]

I did have to correct the word “they’re”. But not bad! I was using a Samsung Galaxy S8 using Google Voice Typing and the dictation was quick to respond and did a really good job with recognizing words. If you say the phrase, “new paragraph” it creates a new paragraph buuuuuut… the spacing is double what a keyboard ‘enter’ key gives you. I looked up what some of the keywords are that you can use and, instead of saying “new paragraph”, if you say “new line” or “enter” you get appropriate spacing.

Also, you’d never be able to dictate a post with the word ‘period’ spelt out as ‘period’ is a keyword that returns punctuation. I hit up the Googs for more punctuation command words!

As someone who goes on passionate rants and forgets half of what she was saying I could see myself opening up a new post and letting dictation copy it all down for me into a draft for later editing!

I’m one of those annoying people who travels with a single carry-on bag. I tend to leave my laptop at home and make do with just a smartphone. In the past, this has meant when I travel I stop writing because I find typing on a smartphone to be slow and frustrating compared to my laptop. Now that I know I can dictate blog posts I might actually blog more often!

It’s been years since I last tried using voice recognition software and I am really impressed with Google Voice Typing! I’m equally impressed with the changes WordPress has made to their mobile editor. Three cheers for Aztec!

Aztec dictation