All this newness is intimidating

Self PortraitNew site. New blog.

Same old Tammy!

Here, have a self-portrait before I start digging into other things.

I’m considering this ergonomic mouse for my next peripheral device. Looks like it could be a wrist-saver!

How to Fix Internet Embarrassments and Improve Your Online Reputation.

I happen to think Dan Byrd’s a very talented actor so when I saw the trailer for Norman I cheered out loud! I normally avoid heart-wrenching movies like this but to see Dan Byrd act I’ll go. Ugh. UGH! I can’t believe I’m willing to watch a show like this.

Writer Beware and “The Write Agenda” [txt]

New York Observer: Exclusive “Occupy Wall Street” Unaired Fox Footage [vid]

Emily Carroll’s new comic, Margot [comic] – You’ll need to click on the hanging bouquet to see more comic. I think I read that she’ll add a new part every week, so revisit this page and click around as the month goes by!

I love Scott C’s work! [artbook] You may have seen his ‘head’ comics in the Flight anthologies.

All this newness is intimidating