I am a PC Traitor

The other day I tweeted about ordering an iMac for work.

There are many practical reasons why I decided to replace my dying PC at work with an iMac:

  1. As I attend more and more developer conferences and camps I find I’m the odd one out because I develop on a PC. All those developers can’t be wrong, right? This isn’t the same as everyone jumping off of a bridge, right?
  2. Macs are built on UNIX. Web servers are, too. Seems like a no-brainer to me!
  3. I’m starting Ruby on Rails development and, apparently, Macs are superior to PCs for that.
  4. I haven’t used a Mac since the nineties and it’s about time I climb back up on that pony.

This morning a friend IM’d me to share her opinion of my switching teams:

Even the most dedicated PC enthusiast has to admit that Apple products can be nice. I’m not going to regret switching from PC to a Mac.

I am a PC Traitor