7-11 is my best friend


When I'm in Canada I rarely go to a 7-11, after all, I don't drink slurpees, smoke cigarettes, or eat junk food very often.

In Thailand, 7-11 is my best friend!

7-11 is open all the time, it has air conditioning, it has bottles of ice-cold water for only 7 baht each, hot pao buns with mystery fillings (bbq pork, pork and salted yolk, and my favorite pumpkin), and 7-11 carries the new love of my life: yogurt with young coconut.

I always eat yogurt as often as I can when I travel and my parents suggested I try the young coconut as it was one of their favorites.

The yogurt tastes like full-fat with small cubes of chewy coconut mixed in. It's refreshing and filling and I eat one or two a day.

I'll be sad to leave my new best friend and it's tasty, affordable delights behind. I may have to quest for young coconut yogurt from a local source when I get home.

I just know that local source won't be a Canadian 7-11.

7-11 is my best friend