Clearing up my weekly tabs

I’m usually pretty busy at work so interesting articles, essays, links sit in two different browsers all week waiting for me to finally get around to reading them. Sometimes I don’t get time or I have a lot of interesting links to share and that is when you get one of these updates.

Random Stuff

I’m still torn on if I’m going to attend Calgary Comic Expo. If I do decide to, tickets are on sale here.

Creative Stuff

Fluevog is opening a shoe museum in Calgary, ABThose of you who know me from my LiveJournal or Twitter know how much I adore Fluevog shoes! When I was in NYC/MD for 10 days with only a carry-on bag I still managed to buy not only a pair of Radio CBCs at the NYC Fluevog store but also a pair of knee-high boots! Both pairs were transported in my carry-on bag back to Canada. I have to visit this museum!

A Batman-themed album by Maiden Names was brought to my attention by Ming Doyle.

Inspiration vs. ImitationVery good essay about the difference between being inspired by someone’s work and imitating someone’s work. Excellent advice for anyone new to their craft.

dribbble.comI’ve been browsing this site purely for the enjoyment I get out of seeing people’s designs.

Audacity –  Just dropping this here for later. I’ve been recording myself reading stories and having a blast with it but I need some sort of audio editing software.

Webby Stuff

Sisyphus.js is a jQuery plugin that uses local storage to prevent your work [on a form] from being lost.  – I haven’t had a chance to test this out yet but it looks interesting.

Wordless for WordPress :

Wordless is an opinionated WordPress plugin that dramatically speeds up and enhances your custom themes creation. Some of its features are:

  • A structured, organized and clean theme organization (taken directly from Rails);
  • The ability to create a new theme skeleton directly within the WordPress backend interface;
  • The ability to write PHP code using the beautiful Haml templating system;
  • The ability to write CSS stylesheets using the awesome Sass syntax and the Compass framework;
  • The ability to write Javascript logic in Coffeescript;
  • A growing set of handy and documented helper functions ready to be used within your views;

Responsive Web Design in 3 easy stepsSimple breakdown

How to Design a Mobile Responsive SiteI liked that this article mentioned considering how using different devices may mean different goals users have when visiting your Web site. If I had a restaurant site I’d consider a user accessing it with a cell phone would most likely be looking for contact info, location, maybe to book a table, or to see a menu; they likely wouldn’t care about the ‘About Us’ section very much. Food for thought.

Responsive site design test page I don’t know Matt Kersley but I like this page just to give me a quick and dirty way of seeing how responsive a site is.

Content Strategy Within the Design ProcessContent is the #1 reason, in my experience, why site launches get delayed. I would love to work in a 3-man team: Content manager, designer, and developer with myself in the developer role.

Clearing up my weekly tabs

Re-Vamp review contests!

If you have an interest in reviewing the Re-Vamp anthology of horror stories you may want to check out the following contests!

Die Booth has set up a competition on her blog:

The winner gets to name a minor character in my forthcoming novel, ‘Embedded’ and gets a thankyou for it on the acknowledgements page.

Deirdre M Murphy is running a review competition to win some sci fi books. You can read more about it at her journal here:

If during the month of December you review any of the three anthologies that my stories appeared in this year (Family Ties & Torn Skies, Re-Vamp, and Subversion) on your Amazon, Goodreads, a similar venue and/or on your blog, and leave a link here, I’ll enter you into a drawing for however many SF&F books from my library I can mail to you for $10 US

And speaking of reviews:

The wonderful Susan Price has reviewed Re-Vamp on her blog here:

Re-Vamp is available at: 
+Amazon paperback (US edition)
+Lulu paperback (worldwide edition)
+Amazon Kindle
+Smashwords (ebook, multiformat)

Re-Vamp review contests!

Day seven. Still not king.

I’m on day seven of no cola. Sensations I’ve felt this week: murderous rage (directed at olives and other drivers), feeling like a hollowed out pumpkin with my insides all scraped out, and my gut acting like a two-year-old who’s been deprived of candy! Despite all this, I haven’t had a drop of cola and I’m starting to get over the withdrawal symptoms.

I’ve been listening to this today.

“You’re like spaghetti; straight until you get hot.” roflmao

Last night I was describing this boss fight I’m on in my video game to C. and halfway through I realized just how horrible it sounds:

This giant, blind beast is lumbering around trying to get to this sacred place to destroy it. In order to kill this beast you must chop off it’s toes and fingers and when it falls over you have to drive a spike into its skull with, not one but, three hard whacks of your sword.

That’s really messed up!

Also, I failed to stop the lumbering beast and he ate an old lady and destroyed a sacred place and I failed to save the world. How can I face my video game again after that royal screw up?

I’m so ashamed of myself. Some hero I turned out to be.

Day seven. Still not king.