This is the face of a harried lady! *is harried about*

1. NaNoWriMo is moving forward nicely despite a day of illness last week where I only managed 260 words. I’m up over 20k words now and feeling groovy. This is the MOST I’ve ever written for one story and I’m just starting to get to the good bits. When I edit this story I’m going to cut HUGE chunks out. I can hardly wait to put my editor’s hat on.

2. I just chewed a stick of this gum in the Apple Pie flavour and it’s like some sort of Willy Wonka wonderful gum because it tastes and smells exactly like apple pie! Not only is there only a hint of cinnamon (I dislike a strong cinnamon taste in my apple pie) but the apple flavour comes through strong. Not RAW apple, oh no, it tastes like apples cooked in sugar and their own juices. It’s ~perfect!

3. Scalzi on ‘Dekloutifying’. I found this to be an interesting read. I don’t take my Klout score seriously, anyways. I logged in once and it said I was an expert in Vampires, Birth Control, and Bacon. D:

4. If you’re not familiar with the idea of Restorative Justice maybe check this web site out. I really like this concept and I like that the transgressors are made to face those they wronged and make reparations. Too bad there isn’t a version of this for the Internet.

5. I’ll be attending another Girl Geek Dinner this week! I missed out on Dinosaurs at the last one but the one previous was about writing for video games and was very educational and delicious and fun!

6. I’ll also be attending a WordCamp this weekend! I’m really looking forward to this as my latest project took me deeper into WordPress than I’ve ever been before. Admission was only $40 for the weekend and it’s local so travel costs consist of bus fare. Alas, I doubt my company would spring for An Event Apart which I would dearly love to attend some day.

We finally had snow this past weekend. I’m grateful we went so long without it. I can already feel the grumpies setting in.