Obama’s Tumblr, Web Design, and a Book!

The 2012 Barack Obama campaign has its own tumblr! I really like and respect how his campaign peeps know enough to use social media to garner support for their campaign. I’m looking forward to them re-blogging Adventure Time fan art and gifs from AnimalsBeingDicks.com

The Sassy Way has a good article up about Responsive Web Design.

If you do any sort of Word Press development I can’t recommend this book enough. I bought the paper version as well as the .pdf version and I am well and truly pleased with both. This book is well-organized, easy to follow, and I learn something new every time I browse through it. The dead-tree version is also weighty enough to fell a man with a good swing. Useful for Word Press development AND in case of a home invasion!

Now, if only I could find the time/motivation to finish my site’s theme…

I have two short stories coming out in the Re-Vamp anthology, which I’ve plugged here. I have a few dead-tree copies coming my way which I’ll likely give away on this blog and through my various social media channels.

Obama’s Tumblr, Web Design, and a Book!

ReVamp coming soon!

I have two short stories coming out in the Re-Vamp anthology October 31st, 2011!

Join us for the official online book launch on Facebook!

Re-Vamp banner

Are you afraid that the monsters of old have become nothing more than a bedtime story? Do you long for a time when werewolves had bite and ghosts were truly haunting?

Re-Vamp is a brand new, beautifully illustrated collection of the best stories horror has to offer featuring an introduction by award-winning author Susan Price.

Whether rediscovering or re-imagining traditional themes, these twenty-seven twisted tales are guaranteed to terrify and entertain.

Re-Vamp – rising from the grave Halloween 2011!


Order the Re-Vamp anthology in print or e-book and read excerpts from the book, free horror stories, art, links and more…

ReVamp coming soon!

All this newness is intimidating

Self PortraitNew site. New blog.

Same old Tammy!

Here, have a self-portrait before I start digging into other things.

I’m considering this ergonomic mouse for my next peripheral device. Looks like it could be a wrist-saver!

How to Fix Internet Embarrassments and Improve Your Online Reputation.

I happen to think Dan Byrd’s a very talented actor so when I saw the trailer for Norman I cheered out loud! I normally avoid heart-wrenching movies like this but to see Dan Byrd act I’ll go. Ugh. UGH! I can’t believe I’m willing to watch a show like this.

Writer Beware and “The Write Agenda” [txt]

New York Observer: Exclusive “Occupy Wall Street” Unaired Fox Footage [vid]

Emily Carroll’s new comic, Margot [comic] – You’ll need to click on the hanging bouquet to see more comic. I think I read that she’ll add a new part every week, so revisit this page and click around as the month goes by!

I love Scott C’s work! [artbook] You may have seen his ‘head’ comics in the Flight anthologies.

All this newness is intimidating